Saturday, September 20, 2014

Typical BUSY Saturday!!

Mikah's first volleyball game was at 11:00, Jett's flag football game started at the same time... luckily Mikah is on the same team as a close friend, so... 'Thanks Scott Family for being cheerleader for Mikah in my absence'
 After Jett's game, he, Presley and I headed to my shop to load the delivery guys truck for a delivery. THEN off to Mikah's second volleyball game at 1:30. Once done there, we grabbed a quick lunch, and set off to run typical weekend errands. THEN back to my shop for a 5:00 pick up. By 5:45, we were on our way home, with pizza and wings ordered to arrive as soon as we walked in the door!! But I don't think the busy day was a beat down, at least not for Jett, at dinner during grace, he said "THANK you Lord for my AWESOME life".
Dinner was followed by popcorn and a couple good movies!! AWESOME indeed :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First day of school...

Letter and balloons, waiting for them when they woke :)

My BIG first grader, ready to start her year!!

And as always, Mikah being the best BIG sister ever!!

And we have the same AMAZING bus driver from last year, Ms. Cindy

Fun Summer!

Fun at Daddys!!